The Libretto W100, a Toshiba masterpiece?


August 3, 2010 – Toshiba refuses to call their new Libretto laptop anything short of a masterpiece.

And that it just might be. At a colourful launch in Nairobi last week, Toshiba officials from the Europe office revealed a dual screen Windows 7 laptop with an optional keypad and unique user interface.

“Toshiba created the first ever laptop in 1985 and it was 4 kilograms and did not have a colour screen. Now we are launching a new one-of-its kind laptop, the Libretto W100,” says Domenic Gargarella, Head of Business Development at Toshiba Europe.

He says the evolution of the laptop and technology in the new Libretto is simply breathtaking.

“It has two 7-inch touch screens for the high level CEO or manager who wants to have the latest technology, state of the art computer applications, and who is extremely busy. This laptop can take on a lot of things and takes up very little space,” he told Capital Lifestyle.

The Libretto W100 can be held and used vertically, to read perhaps a book, and horizontally as well so that you can have a document on the top screen and a virtual keyboard at the bottom.


“The user can easily drag and drop content, files and icons from one screen to another with a simple sweep of the finger.”

Toshiba also introduced the thinnest full-function laptop, the R700. Gargarella described it as perfectly suited for users who are always on the internet.

They describe it as a well specified business machine that combines a lightweight, ultra-slim chassis with innovative computing technologies.

“To achieve a device like the Portege R700 we have made major advances in three areas: heat management, chassis construction and memory chip deployment,” says Andre Rossouw, Regional General Manager, Computer Systems Group EMEA, Africa Region.

These are in the form of an Airflow Cooling Technology, co-developed by Intel, a honeycomb structure in the palmrest area to make the laptop durable against flexing, and it can accommodate up to 8GB RAM for improved performance.

It can run for eight hours on one battery charge, has a 3D sensor for hard disk protection against drops and shocks, a non-reflective screen and a docking station connector that supports HDMI and USB 3.0.

The two gadgets will be available in the market from the end of August.


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