ASAP at the Karen country club: August edition



August 3, 2010 – For those of you who haven’t been for an ASAP. Now is the time to join the band wagon. Everyone is doing it!

This Friday will feature Michael Soi our animation artist, who’s work is simple yet provocative, Mike Rua our token mugithi one man guitarist, for those of you who like to get down at that time of the night and of course Eric Omondi, stand up comedian extrodinaire…

Book in advance through Kaz or Karen Country lodge as seating is limited and remember tickets are redeemable at the restaurant.



  • edmus

    so what is the real reason for your two stories? Or to put it another way, what are you saying in many words?

  • Leo

    ”One day Jesus and his disciples were at sea, sailing from one shore to
    the other after a hard day of preaching and heeling the sick” Surely professor, what do you mean by ‘heeling’?

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