Kambua shares her style


CL: Describe your style in a nutshell

My style is elegant, chic, trendy, and in some ways authentic.

CL: You have a fetish for…

Shoes and hats. I have so many of them. I like to match them with everything I wear. In the recent past I’ve had to control my fetish for shoes, and have become a very intentional shopper.

CL: Catch me dead wearing

Luminous colors! I absolutely love color, but when I feel that luminous shades stretch me a little too much. They are too hard on anyone’s eyes. I’d rather have a bright, rich shade, than a luminous one.

CL: Gold or silver

Gold AND silver! haha. Ok, mostly silver. I find that I can accessorize easier with Silver, it is also a lot trendier than gold which seems a bit more traditional. I wear gold mostly when in African attire.

CL: Your fave perfume?

I am torn between Princess by Vera Wang, and Euphoria by Calvin Klein. They both capture the essence of who I am.


CL: Lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss?

Lip balm and lip gloss. I wear lipstick occasionally.

CL:  If I gave you Ksh50, 000 to go on a shopping spree, what will you make sure you get your hands on?

All the different scents of body splashes and lotions from Victoria Secrets. They smell sooo good! And the scent lingers well throughout the day.

CL: You can never leave the house without…

My cell phone, lip balm and/or gloss, and my wallet.

CL: On a romantic dinner date you wear…

A dress. Most probably something, short, cute, and fun! With boots or heels depending on the weather.

CL: You feel most comfy wearing

Jeans and a sweater. When in public I feel comfortable and presentable in a dress. The dresses are also my signature look.

CL: Are you into accessories?

Absolutely. I love necklaces with big pendants and earrings. I have a fetish for rings too. I collect them in all shapes and sizes.

CL: So, big or small earrings?

Big! Earrings make such a strong statement, and I think the bigger they are, the bolder the person seems. They of course need to be stylish, not just big. I also keep in mind that having big earrings will in most cases mean sacrificing a necklace, so as not to seem overly accessorized. At formal occasions, I do small earrings (pearls are great)…they speak elegance.

CL: Fave designer?

I am not limited to a particular designer. I like anything that’s classy and elegant so as long as they have such items in their collection…  I however enjoy designs from Kache by Angie. The designs are chic and kambua3_492977323.jpgelegant, just the way I like ’em.

CL: Describe your make-up…

Unless I’m on screen or performing, I wear light make up. On a daily basis I wear some light foundation, and ensure that my eyes are properly done…just eye pencil and mascara. I save the eye shadow for special days. And then lip gloss seals the deal!

CL: Fashion/ beauty tip?

Whatever it is that you choose to adorn, ensure that it flatters you. Most of the time people go wrong because they work too hard to fit in with the latest trends. Some trends are just not for everyone. Find something that suits you well and rock it!