Do you have the Brafect fit?


July 30, 2010 – Is it necessary to wear a bra? According to research, many women initially start wearing bras just because that is the order of things.

When their boobs get to a certain size, an older female family member clears their throat and breaks the news: “Honey, its time to get a bra!”

Since the issue is a personal one, it is usually the onus of the bra wearer to get the right size.

Unfortunately, this is not always a good idea.

More often than not, because they have been used to getting their own bras from the time they reach puberty, very many women end up with boobs that hang low, wobble, or generally look like they have more than two breasts (like four).

Because of years of strain, it takes time to rectify, but at least it can be made better eventually – by wearing the right bra!

How do you get the right bra? By going to the experts!

This year, the theme of the Woolworths bra clinic is BRAFECT FIT.  Woolworths is promising that women will enjoy wearing bras, which will make them feel comfortable and confident.

In any of their stores at Sarit Centre, Yaya centre, Westgate mall and Village market, women can go and get their correct bra size measurements. You might have done it before, but just like your weight, you need to keep checking.

According to the experts: “It is recommended that women change their bra’s every 6 – 9 months and during this change, it is of paramount importance to have a professional measure your bra size.”

Aside from measuring your bra size, Woolworths is offering a wide range of bras at great value – 2 pack bras from Sh1900.

And to add value to customers during the campaign, Woolworths have partnered with Nairobi Women’s Hospital, who will offer FREE CLINICAL BREAST EXAMS at the various Woolworths stores every Saturday starting July 24 to August 14, so don’t miss out!

The FREE clinical breast exams at the stores will be done by senior nurses from the Nairobi Women’s Hospital. The schedule is listed below:

July 24, 2010 – Woolworths Sarit

July 31, 2010 – Woolworths Westgate

August 7, 2010 – Woolworths Village

August 14, 2010 – Woolworths Yaya

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