If Sheila doesn’t talk on BBA, who will?


July 29, 2010 – Sheila, it seems, is a hot topic on Big Brother Africa’s twitter. Why? Because she talks too much!

Tweeps were complaining that she takes over all the conversations and does not let anyone else get a word in edgewise.

So Biggie challenged followers, asking them what the Housemates would be doing if Sheila wasn’t talking. Anyone? This is what some of them said:

Khosndindo suggested that “Munya would start taking. coz he is da talking back up 4 sheila. “

MickPicassa said that ” if sheila shuts up the house will be boring”

MsTsy says that its a good question.

romaratus answered by saying that maybe the Housemates would “Have Sex?”

HUGOBOSS4EVA tweeted: “drink and smoke and play poker”

Meanwhile, Hannington keeps forgetting that his promise to himself not to pursue Sheila and does not stop.

After giving her a promise ring the other day and then asking for it back when Sheila said she was seeing someone outside the house, he ‘came up and held her from behind’ giving her such a fright!

She got up very quickly and said she needed to get a sweater.

In other news, since it isn’t clear who is going to sleep with whom, look at the picture below and make your own guesses!



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