DMX locked up à la Lindsay Lohan


July 29, 2010 – DMX’s past has come back to haunt him yet again.

The onetime chart-topping rapper started serving a 90-day jail sentence Monday for violating probation—pick an offense, any offense—from his 2002 conviction for reckless driving.

He surrendered at a Los Angeles courthouse this afternoon and authorities transported him to a county lockup.

The 39-year-old DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has been in and out of jail in Arizona and Florida for the last few years, part of which ultimately amounted to a big, fat probation violation from 2002.

At the time, DMX pleaded no contest to reckless driving and a DUI charge was dropped.

His most recent stint in the pokey was in Arizona for failing a court-mandated drug test last summer, a violation of his probation after he spent 90 days locked up for drug-possession and animal-cruelty charges. The judge also ordered a psychological evaluation and encouraged him to seek further substance-abuse treatment.

As for his current stretch in L.A., the judge has ruled that he cannot serve any of his time on house arrest or work release. But it’s likely that he will not serve his entire 90-day sentence due to chronic overcrowding.

Sound familiar?


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