Uti, Hanni, Sammi up for eviction

July 27, 2010 – The Housemates seem to want to see Tatiana out.

After nearly leaving for Angola last weekend, and being saved by Biggie’s bell, she garnered the most nominations with Sammi (Ghana) and Uti (Nigeria).

However, since by a stroke of luck she is the Head of House, she has replaced herself with Hannington aka Smellington aka Hanni (Uganda).

She says he is childish and confesses ‘I don’t trust Hannington’. Tati also nominated Uti because he made fun of her former housemates Richard and Ofunneka.

Sheila meanwhile has been kicked out of Tatiana’s bed (to make room for Munya maybe) and now feels like the Angolan might want her out of the house. She gave her conspiracy theory to Uti and Hannington. (http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/News/1911/Sheila-Has-a-Hunch.html)

In terms of the votes, Meryl and Sheila felt Sammi does not fit in the House. Munya nominated Sammi and Uti with the reason that they both live very far from his country, and ‘made a bee-line for the door’.

Uti chose Paloma and Sammi, accusing them of taking the game a bit too seriously. Paloma settled on Mwisho and Lerato because she feels they are strong contenders. Sammi placed Uti and Hanni on his chopping board, saying the Nigerian needs to be more sensitive and accusing H of being lazy and immature.

So who do you think is going to get the boot and who would you love to see remaining? Place your vote here (https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/lifestyle/poll/index.html) and here http://bigbrotherafrica.dstv.com/Vote/.


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