Dressing in this unpredictable weather


July 27, 2010 – Don’t be played by the weather, let’s play with it!!

Winter look can be very sexy, but the last thing you wonna be caught up in is dressed like you are in snow while you are actually in the desert.

Try out these tricks!

Mostly, it tends to be coldish in the mornings then switches to warm during the day and cold again as the day goes by.


*If you are going to the office, you could wear your heavy tweed suit in the morning but always remember to wear a light chiffon top inside that you can wear without the jacket in case it gets warmer.

*Stockings can keep your feet very warm when its cold and they give a sleek professional look.  Try wear light translucent stockings or patterned stockings that will still keep you warm and also make you look spot-on. But feel free to roll them down when it gets too hot.

– Avoid heavy woollen stockings during the day.

*You might get tempted to rock those boots at some point, don’t stop your urge but always carry a spare pair of shoes with you.

-The best time to rock your boot look with leggings and a long sweater would be in the evenings when it gets chilly and you are certain there will be no SUN. Try this look at the movies, very comfortable and the mosquitoes at the theatre will spare your feet! LOL.

*To be on the safe side always carry a scarf, sweater or a light trench coat if you are wearing a summer outfit.


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