Love interest for Sheila at BBA?

July 26, 2010 – Kenya’s Sheila Kwamboka has caught and held the eye of Uganda’s Hannington (Smellington).

It all started during a diary session last week where he confessed to biggie that he had his eye on Sheila, while at the same time he thought that Meryl and Tatiana were hot.

Last night, after the fake eviction by Big Brother, Yacob shared a drink with Uti and Hannington.

During conversation, Yacob and Uti described Meryl as most appealing, but Hannington was thinking of Sheila and revealed that he would be most interested in dating the Kenyan girl if she gave him a chance to get know her.


But just a few hours later, H went back on his statement and said he would like to shake off his interest in Sheila because he appears not to be making any headway.

He confided the same to Uti, who chastised him for being to obvious about his interests.

The two east African neighbours have already had a small tiff, where Hanni complained to Sheila that she had hurt him with her words.

Sheila apologised, saying it was not her intention, to which Hanni responded by saying it was fine.

Could there be something brewing here? Sheila told biggie in one of her initial diary sessions that she and Hanni had hit it off…


Anywhoo, Tatiana – who was evicted and reinstated last night alongside Kaone – was talking guns with Munya. During discussions about pleasure, Munya said he had a gun and Tati said that so did she.

Munya went on to tell her not to be afraid of his gun and she said she wasn’t. Hmmm…

In other news, IK was taken to a replica of a house that resembled rural living on a barn, complete with chicken, water pump, outdoor shower and a latrine type gadget.

Could this be a Big Brother All Star Survivor series coming up? Let’s wait and see whether the 14 ‘stars’ are shifted there and whether it will inspire them to ask fans to vote them out of the BBA house! Check it out:

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