Kanye West dating a Kenyan



July 22, 2010 – Seems Kanye is tired of Amber Rose and has moved on to a lady only known as Shay aka The UK Bombshell. Apparently, she was born in Kenya and raised in Britain. She is of Kenyan, Italian, Arabian and Portugese descent. Her measurements: 30JJ-26-38 (Didn’t know there was a JJ cup size. Dang!). I think Kanye is in the business of making “models/strippers” famous. You can follow Shay on twitter here: @ShayUKBombshell. There were rumours that Kanye wouldn’t let her eat cookies coz that would spoil her figure. I wish a n***a would try and keep me from my Maryland Doube Chocolate Chip Cookies 🙂


Modeling pics of The UK Bombshell after the break. She seems to have gotten the real Kenyan *thickness*. Note: Do not continue reading if you are easily offended.

Is it just me or do her boobs look painful to carry around? Now those are mammaries!

courtesy of itchbay.sikika.co.ke


  • Anonymous

    are the boobs fake??

  • marol

    show all this image

  • wizza

    that gal looks so fake
    kanye is really loosing touch abt women nkt! the boobs, the make up and all, she is a scary sight……..and when i say scary i mean she can do a horror movie without any make ups!

  • Anonymous

    nkt!!!!!wen i saw a kenyan woman i was xted! till i saw dat scary chiq,dats not kenyan!!!!!!!!wat da f***k.
    kanya as gud music bt wen it cms to mamas aiish

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