Sarova Stanley wins World Travel Award



July 21, 2010 – The Sarova Stanley was voted as Kenya’s leading hotel at the 17th World Travel Awards ceremony in South Africa, last week.

The World Travel Awards was expressly launched 17 years ago with the aim of encouraging the international travel and tourism industry to embrace the pursuit of excellence.


Nominated companies for the World Travel Awards are voted online by travel agents globally and then vetted and inspected by a group of industry experts. Issues such as customer relations, creativity, quality of service, standards, guest satisfaction, product innovation and business acumen are considered.

All votes are internally audited to ensure the validity of each individual vote.

David Gachuru, Sarova Stanley’s General Manager, was ecstatic about the announcement; “This timely award acts as an assurance to the world that we truly offer cutting edge service delivery.’’

“It would not have come at a better time than when the hotel’s resident guests were enjoying the World Cup fever.”



  • JustAnotherOpaqueNGO

    I have asked this question many times but have never gotten any . When were elections held in CoFEK to make this briefcase expert the Sec-Gen? Who funds the organisation? When will the accounts be made public? 

    Stephen Mutoro is just more proof that Kenya is a country full of quacks whose only expertise is the speed of registering associations with a catchy name. He is hoping to use it as a platform to siphon funds from gullible donors or to jump into political office.Until he comes clean on these fundamental questions, Mutoro has no moral authority to speak for consumers except his immediate family.

  • Toothistdeal

    the tragedy with this country is of people putting others down whenever and wherever, i am amazed that despite the frequency of teachers strikes in this country, you pick the doctors strike as a starting point of arguments against strikes. has it ever occurred to you that:
    1. doctors work harder and difficult and often dangerous contions, often putting their lives on the line
    2.unlike doctors, our legislators earn more, for what job do they do?
    3. the strike is not just about pay , but mostly about other fundamental issues, most of which touch on mortality rateof our patients, poor service delivery due to a very high patientss to doctors ratio. i would go on and on until the chickens come home to roost, but i will reffer you to the KMPDU website so that you can be able to read and understand our proposals before you write another article that will not enlighten the public.

  • Me


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