Style with songstress Avril


CL: You feel sexiest wearing…

Im very conservative almost reserved when it comes to dressing but i would say that i feel totally sexy when i wear a bikini to the pool (i only tried that recently).

CL: Weave or natural hair

My natural hair beats a weave any day cause i have very manageable hair. All it needs is shampoo, treatment, a blowdry or flat iron. I forego the blowdry when i feel like leaving it curly cause my hair gets really curly when i wash it. 

CL: Lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss

Lip gloss would be my choice cause its a combination of lipstick and lip balm according to me. You have your colour intact just as you moisturise your lips. I also opt for lip balm from time to time when i feel like i have not been taking care of my lips.

CL: When just chilling in the digz you wear …

A long t-shirt, undies and that’s it he he. I love comfort so when im at home thats exactly what i strive for. But if im at my parents place i do the long tshirt with some old jeans. Gotta cover up when around the folks.

CL: You looked like an acrobat when you wore…

Ha ha.. I do not have those moments. Every outfit i choose i make sure that i have clearly thought it out and i have scrutinised it enough to make sure that i can step out. My bro also helps me out by dissing me if i get too eccentric. But there was this time i was not at all comfortable with some colours i chose for some outfit…green and a weird shade of maroon..they didnt work very well together according to me.

CL: Which fashion trend/ item do you think will never fade…

Boots will never fade. They will be re-invented but never ever die that’s for sure.

CL: Any fashion trend you want killed with immediate effect?

Some funny shoes i see in exhibition stalls just annoy me. They have some wedge design that just does not look appealing. Maybe they are comfortable but according to me if it’s a wedge wear a wedge if it’s a flat wear a flat.

CL: Are you a make-up freak? How much make-up do you wear?

I’m quite simple when it comes to the make up on a day to day. I normally do my moisturiser and sunscreen then a two in one powder when i’m not in a make up mood. When i go for functions on the other hand i make sure i have considerable make up on cause of constant photography and i hardly get time to do touch ups. The greatest asset on my face are my eyes so i look to make them up so that they can pop.  

CL: If I rummaged through your handbag what would I find?

My nivea moisturising lip balm (hydrocare), lip gloss, my Mac 2 in 1 powder for make up touch ups, my diary, my notebook, my H&M wallet, my sunglasses and a pen or pencil. 

CL: Jeans and t-shirts or girlie dresses?

A lil bit of everything. I don’t think any woman can have a specific dress code through and through. Sometimes it’s about the mood; sometimes the weather and sometimes you have to represent something, so it can never be defined to one dress code for me.

CL: You like a man who wears…

Properly fitting black suit with a black shirt and a lil silver maybe on the tie and cufflinks will always make me turn. I have discovered that i’m into youthful sporty looks in a man sometimes a lil boyish but not too much. Even a considerably mature man can dress young and really rock but then has to be able to gauge the limit.

CL: Fave item in your wardrobe

My favorite items were my JLo fragrances Deseo and Live but they are done now sob i have a lovely scent from Calvin Klein called Euphoria Blossom.

CL: If I gave you Ksh 50, 000 to go on a shopping spree, what is the first thing you’ll make sure you’ve gotten your hands on?

Whaaaaat i would so go for shoes shoes and more shoes first..a series of boots and gladiator heels then really cute flat shoes and round toe heels. I also have my eye on the new fragrance from Emporio Armani Diamonds Summer.

CL: Fave designer

I don’t like have specific designers who i would prefer above the rest cause i get different adorable designs from everywhere i go. Most of the time i combine my own outfits. I however really like Chanel dresses cause of the elegance that is driven into them as well as Robbi Morro’s (Tanzania) lovely work with khangas and our very own Lisa-chi who made my outfit for the Chaguo la Teeniez Awards plus Bezalel who made my outfit for the MAMAs.

CL: Heels or flats?

That totally depends on the occassion. I prefer flats anytime of the day but during functions and when in the club you’ll definately see me in high heeled shoes.

CL: Which is your favourite body bit?

I am in love with curves so i really love the way my hips are shaped. They are neither too big nor small just properly shaped.

GAGA_BEYONCE_790744916.jpgCL: Which “celebrities” wardrobe would you raid given the chance?

Beyonce and Lady Gaga ha ha. Beyonce would tone down the madness of the Lady Gaga outfits. I love creativity, and eccentricism, according to me, is part of creativity so a lil bit of Lady Gaga rocks..that all is according to me.


CL: Any fashion/ beauty tip?

My advice would just be to know yourself and your body so that you can dress it appropriately. Most of the time what you see on someone will not necessarily work for you, if you dont know and understand your body type.


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