Big Brother; All Sheila, all the time!

July 19, 2010 – Sheila Kwamboka, Kenya’s representative on Big Brother 3 has been cast back into the net for a chance at the $200,000 grand prize at this year’s Big Brother All Stars.

She promised to be as entertaining as possible to the point of telling BBAS host IK that it was going to be “All Sheila, all the time!”

The house promises to be a flurry of activity, emotion and drama what with the list of 14 of some of the strongest housemates ever NOT to win in any of the seasons.

The girls are a gorgeous handful! Tatiana from Angola is looking to apply lessons learnt from the last time she was in the house, Lerato from South Africa is bubbly and determined, while Meryl from Namibia cannot stop flirting.

Mwisho from Tanzania is cool, calm and speaks ‘a bad english’ but definitely looks stylish in that hairdo. Hannington from Uganda is spoiling for a fight while Nigeria’s Uti is oozing confidence.


The other housemates are Kaone (Botswana), Code (Malawi), Yacob (Ethiopia), Paloma (Zambia), Jen (Mozambique), Munya (Zimbabwe), and Sammi (Ghana).

Their first night was filled with alcohol (some of which Mwisho and Yacob tried to hide) and all kinds of dance moves. Mwisho woke up Monday morning, a bit unwilling to put his clothes on…

The house looks like its going to be explosive starting this week! Do you think Sheila has a good chance to win and have you already started voting?

Vote to keep your favourite housemate in the game here.

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