You can also be "it" with stylish sandals


July 16, 2010 – I’ve noticed a new trendy style of shoes around town of late. Like the other day I saw this lady with really interesting shoes which were a cross between boots and really cool flat sandals and needless to say I was impressed. Such creativity… Who knew there would ever be sandals that could actually keep your ankles warm?

Sandals are the most comfortable footwear ever that I believe every woman should own at least a pair.

Besides being comfortable, they are so easy to wear, and can be paired with absolutely anything from simple pants to jeans, short or maxi skirts, shorts and even dresses.

The right sandals give you a chilled out yet polished look. They are mostly suitable for summery kind of weather.

With the new stylish sandals that have become so popular those who cannot do heels have something to smile about.

With these you can always be sure of an elegant and fashionable overall appearance.  Check out the stylish sandals below.


Sandals have always been around and for those of us without cars; they are like the best creation ever. What with running errands and doing miles to the bus stop on a daily.

Others like the closed back thong give you some extra support, protection and are so easy to wear. You can run all your errands without your feet hurting and if ever chaos broke out in the streets of Nairobi out of the blue you can pull a Usain Bolt and run for your life. 

Just like other fashion items (perfume, dresses etc) you can now find a variety of stylish flat sandals.

From thongs, to gladiator sandals, flip-flops, open or closed, really simple, funky ones with a lot going on on them, close-toed style and mesh sandals. …Trust me the list is endless.

Do stay in fashion and worry no more about plain old sandals if heels are not your thing. Besides, it is known that when it gets really hot, heels can really wear you down and sap your energy.

So get yourself some flats and rock them as much as you can. Good news apart from looking stylish is that you get to cut your back some slack as well.

You can get ones to match your outfit but black, gold and silver can blend very well with any colour.

I think I just found me a new hobby…collecting sandals :-).

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