The 2010 Sarit Centre Property & Auto EXPO


July 16, 2010 – The take-off in suburb living and dormitory towns for Kenya’s middle and upper class professionals will be the theme for Kenya’s biggest EXPO, The 2010 Sarit Centre Property & Auto EXPO. In a nod to the new, emerging commuter lifestyle, the EXPO will combine both property and auto.

The Property & Auto 2010 EXPO, between the 9th and the 12th of September 2010 at the Sarit Centre, will present a one-stop shop for every professional and upper class Kenyan, in making the step up to the latest in Kenyan property

It will bring together owners, manufacturers, dealers, technical experts, financiers, insurers, consultants and service providers from both the homes and automobile industries under one roof, covering off-plan house sales, the latest property developments, and even interior fittings and furnishings.

According to Mr Jawad Jaafar of Primedia Ltd., the organizers, the EXPO will showcase the way Kenya’s property market and consumer patterns are changing.

The show will offer the very latest in facilities, security, services and utilities for home and car buyers. It will have car stands from eight of Kenya’s leading auto sellers, as well as stands for companies offering auto-related services, such as insurance, lease/financing and theft-tracking.

The entire floor plan will cover an entire 4000 sqft, and will provide EXPO visitors with experience across the housing and auto industries.

The EXPO, which had been an annual event is also now moving to being twice yearly. The last show, which covered only homes and properties, drew 12,077 visitors reflecting the revived and growing high-level interest in the country’s property market, as a step-up and as an investment. The EXPO has become Kenya’s most successful EXPO based on these visitor numbers, and it is now endorsed by the Ministry of Housing. The ministry will this year have its own stand to directly address any queries by property buyers and sellers that touch on housing issues and new developments.

In that last 8th Property and Homes living Expo presentation, the Minister of Housing, Hon. Soita Shitanda EGH, MP, spoke to the theme of responsible housing development in Kenya, which continues to be a theme of the EXPO in its new, expanded form. September’s show will offer more information again about ensuring responsible and best-in-class development, but will also be focusing on the new commuter lifestyle, road systems and the spread of Nairobi and other cities, including the impact of this on towns such as Thika.

To add to the experience, there will be interactive seminar running for two days (Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th September 2010) that will be co-coordinated by Robert Yawe (investor and consultant at the Kenyan Property Investors’ Forum) and Reginald Okumu (Director of Broking Services, Ark Consultants Ltd.; Director, National Housing Corporation). Contributions for this section of the program are currently ongoing; all information and suggestions can be sent to

With interest rates dropping, new financing offers expanding, and evidence that house prices are now beginning to creep upwards once more, having been nothing but temporarily static during both the global recession and Kenya’s own downturn, this EXPO is set to attract even more visitors.

First time and repeat real estate investors, property buyers and sellers will have access to more than 68 exhibition stands.

Capital Reality & Toyota East Africa and Hass Consult are signing on as Gold Sponsors for the event this week. Kindly contact: and to confirm photo opportunities.


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