Top ten fashion mistakes men make


July 15, 2010 – There was a survey in England recently where women rated men’s biggest fashion mistakes.  And coming in at Number One was . . . the Hawaiian shirt.

–That was followed by high-waisted pants, wearing socks with sandals, wearing white socks with dress shoes, and men who try to dress too young for their age.

–But what about here in the States?  Well, Yahoo has a site for women called Shine, and they polled 6,000 users to ask that very same question.  Here are the Top Ten Fashion Mistakes That Men Make, ranked from worst to least-worst:

1.  Ed Hardy Shirts:  I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear this, ladies:  21% of you said that those ubiquitous Ed Hardy shirts are the worst thing that guys wear.  And I couldn’t agree more.  They’ve become a signature part of the d-bag uniform.

–And it’s not just because of Jon Gosselin.  They’re ugly, they’re over-priced, and they’re EVERYWHERE.  They’re basically a way for guys who are past-their-best . . . or who were never cool to begin with . . . to try and look ‘fashionable.’

2.  Socks With Sandals:  Apparently, women on both sides of the ocean think this look sucks:  19% of women think it’s the worst fashion mistake guys make.

3.  Saggy Jeans:   Jeans that sag off your butt came in a close third, with 18% of women saying it’s the worst fashion mistake guys can make.  And right here is where the whole ‘what’s-good-fashion’ thing starts to unravel. 

–Because depending on where you’re kickin’ it, and who you’re kickin’ it with, saggy-butt jeans are going to be considered cool.  So it’s subjective.  Personally, I don’t care for visible man-ass, even when it’s covered by underwear.  But that’s just me.

4.  Speedos:  Overall, 17% of women hate this one the most.  The sad part is, it’s not because of the item itself . . . it’s that most guys can’t pull it off.  Women wouldn’t MIND if guys rocked the Speedo.  But it better come with abs and a package.

Here’s the rest of the list, but there aren’t any percentages, so let’s assume these are basically equal offenders . . .

5.  Fanny Packs

6.  Skinny Jeans, or Guys Who Wear Women’s Jeans

7.  Wifebeaters

8.  Bling

9.  Baseball Hats  (???)

10.  Clothing That’s Too Big, or That Doesn’t Fit Properly.


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