What a “purse organiser” can do for you

July 9, 2010 – I read somewhere that “purses say something about the women who carry them, to potential employers, thieves and even friends. So how they are selected and where they are carried and what is inside them matter…”  This is very true… so today I will focus on the “insides of your purse”.

Are you messy or organised, stylish or a free spirit? It has been said time and again that the bits and pieces of your character come together in your handbag.


Any woman would understand that a handbag could contain one’s entire world (I know chiropractors all over know this only too well and love you for keeping them in business.)

So, what do people carry in their hand bags?

Have you heard the phrase “Different strokes for different folks”? Well, different people prefer different things hence different handbags will contain varied content.

The tiny purse lovers carry only the essentials. They are never easily derailed, are rarely late for appointments and are always focused. They could care about fashion but are never too bothered about having it all. They probably own just one purse and because of the size of the purses they prefer, there’s no room for mess in their purses.

Then there are those colossal bag lovers. I hear those huge bags are called fornication bags because of the random things that can be found in them. From a change of clothes, shoes, books, diaries, keys, make-up, perfume, and deodorant plus a whole bunch of toiletries, gum, phone charger, camera, a small umbrella, wallet, pen, a purse hanger, lip balm, books, sunglasses (the list could go on and on) – can be found in them bags.

Already this list gives you a rough idea of what really goes on in those huge bags you see ladies carrying.

Now, if you are the messy type and you love the “colossal bag” then no one wants to ever see the contents of your purse because sure as hell they are likely to bump into a couple of unidentifiable objects. From candy wrappings from a month ago to supermarket and dry cleaning receipts, to movie tickets …Besides indicating that you are messy, this could mean that you are a hoarder and you don’t let go of things easily.

But hey, it’s your purse and its private and you can keep whatever rubbish in it that you want. If you feel like carrying your entire household (and perhaps the neighbour’s too) for convenience purposes feel free to do so. Its all about being self contained and this could also mean that your life is full of many interests and spontaneity works for you.

Sometimes it’s not that you are a messy person. It could turn out that the size of your purse disorganises everything. Finding stuff (say a ringing cell phone) could turn into a nightmare.

Some order inside your purse is beneficial to you though so fret not as there’s a way to achieve this. There’s something called a purse organiser that is meant for this purpose. It helps you organise your personal items hence making them easily portable between handbags.


Your handbag should be your security blanket. You need the assurance of knowing you can handle mostly anything and with an organised purse you cannot really be worried about what will come your way.

You’re the one friends can turn to in a crisis because you’ll stay calm and collected.

A purse organiser makes it easy for you to retrieve contents from your handbag. You can see everything inside your bag at a glance and it protects valuable electronics like cell phones, PDA’s… It simply leaves you organised.

Some have several compartments (for combs, make-up, pens, note pads etc), which make it easier to arrange everything.

After arranging everything in their compartment put the purse organiser inside your bag and voila! You are sorted.

A second party can look at your purse and see a sloppy or organised, neat and caring person… So, carry whatever it is you need and with your purse organiser no more frustrations trying to find stuff in your purse.

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