Football made in candy


July 2, 2010 – In case you’re one of those girls who gets confused every time the off-side flag goes up and wonder why those footballers keep pushing each other instead of just playing the ball, this World Cup update is for you!

If you get bored when there’s no one scoring, let’s make it a bit more fun for you. Let’s see if you can spot the following Black, Golden, Dutch and Brazilian boys.

The Black Stars (Ghana’s team) are taking on Uruguay tonight (9.30pm) and are the only African side left in the tournament, so you have to support them.


It might help to know that they are fast and completely gorgeous. One is the half-man, half-supermodel I would like to name as Kevin Prince Boateng. (See above.)

He scored the first goal between Ghana and USA, that landed them on this quarter final to begin with. He is half-German and half Ghanaian, and his brother, ironically plays for the German national side.

His team-mate, and total cutie, Andre Ayew (L) was doing a sterling job on the midfield. In other words he AYEW_PELE_738460456.jpgkept on getting the ball and running with it towards the opposite side and passed it to any of his team-mates hoping they score a goal. He is also the son of legendary football player Abedi Pele.

Brazil and the Netherlands are also playing today, at 5pm Kenyan time.

You might be unsure about who to support. So I will highlight one player from each side and let you decide.

First up is Robin Van Persie. He is 27, tall, rich and has two sisters so can understand females better! He is a striker for the Dutch team.

ROBINHO_BRAZIL_178734077.jpgThen there is Robinho. He is so cute. He plays really hard and doesn’t sweat that much. He plays for Manchester City and the Brazilian national team when called upon to do so.


So there you have it. Have fun tonight!!

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