Studio 53 Extra launched on Mnet


June 30, 2010 – Studio 53 Extra! Just when you think M-Net has relaxed they slap you with something else.

Studio 53 extra is the new kid on the block at M-net and debuts tomorrow.

Its inception comes just days after the original six-year-old Studio 53 took a bow.

“This show is trendy, revamped and a lot more involving,” says Stella Ondimu, PR Officer at M-net in Kenya.

“We are still targeting the same audience (as Studio 53), but the show has energy, its refreshed and fast paced,” she says.

Whereas the previous show focussed more on lifestyle, Studio 53 Extra will be bringing you the Red Carpet and have undue focus on the entertainment scene in all 53 African countries that are part of the African Union.

“Premiering on Thursday July 1, the spin-off show will… focus on the entertainment industry on the African continent… It will cover the hottest entertainment stories, trends and celebrity interviews from all over Africa,” read a statement.

The show will be hosted by two fresh female presenters: Eku Edewor, a graduate from the New York Film Academy, and Dolapo Oni who trained at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in the UK.

Said Dolapo; “It’s been extremely exciting and I am having such a great time working with my co-host. I’m delighted to join the M-Net family and am looking forward to working on the show.”

This show focus this week is the 2010 BET Award winners, a behind the scenes at VIP party at Johannesburg’s Moloko Night Club after the Nigeria vs Argentina World Cup match, plus the best looking football stars on the African continent and much more.

So check it out tomorrow evening and let us know what you think.


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