Massages are good for you


June 30, 2010 – It happens when you get to a certain age. Your back cramps up and refuses to budge when you try to stretch it straight.

The idea of soothing hands kneading your muscles into place and putting you in that sphere of relaxation seems like a brilliant idea.

In fact it’s so brilliant it begins to become something of an obsession.

Well, according to masseurs, a massage is as necessary as exercise. Just as you need to keep moving to put your body in check, so you need a massage once in a while to crick the muscles in place.

And it’s good for your well-being too.

According to, a frequent massage can contribute to your general well-being, health and youthfulness. It decreases anxiety, improves concentration and reduces fatigue.

According to me, your back gets straighter; you immediately relax and feel at peace with the rest of the world. There was a spring in my step at about 4pm in the afternoon, so I guess it must have been something she did.

I looked up some more info on massages and this might be something you want to know.

Apparently before your massage, it is highly advised that you take a shower, don’t eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol. During the massage, be receptive to the experience and don’t tense your body up or you might miss the whole point.

After the massage please drink a lot of water.

I had my massage done at Howie’s next to Prestige plaza. Fridah, the owner, gave me a couple of tips of her own.

“A quiet environment is recommended and affordability is also key. But all in all one massage session per week is good for your mental and physical well-being.”

The costs range from Sh1,000 to Sh3,000.


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