Treat yourself to a VVIP weekend


June 25, 2010 – A weekend getaway doesn’t necessarily have to be an out-of-towner.

It can be a cosy but spacious self-contained room where the noises emanating from Nairobi’s busy life have trouble penetrating the walls. And glass windows.

Add in a king-size bed and the feel of 300 thread-count sheets against your skin and it just might be the place I was about one week ago.

I found this perfect weekend getaway room on the VIP side of Tribe Hotel. I was doing some research when I stumbled on it. You know, just in case you read this article.

I tell you, the corridor that led to room 382 was like a manicured lawn of soft brown carpet and I loved it.TRIBE_SLIPPERS_203271849.jpg

There were dark brown silk curtains instead of the usual wallpaper. Giving off the feeling of being somewhere other than the usual Nairobi hotel.

Laura in Wonderland checked in… The room was bigger than I expected. They called it the Ambassadorial Suite and I obliged by diplomatically checking the room out.

White, neat, big, classy and important are the words I can use to describe the experience.

I could have been anyone important as I sampled the lights in the living area, work station, bathroom and next to the bed.

It’s almost like you’re most definitely a VVIP and the room is begging you to test it – to see if it conforms to your standards.

The bath tub is standing almost isolated between the shower enclosure and the bed, and from it you can get a clear view of one of the two televisions in the room.

TRIBE_EARTHERAPY_520155943.jpgThe sink had items (shampoo, conditioner, lotion…) from Eartherapy Africa and it just looked nice and green (as in environment).

The room came with quick room service. In 20 minutes, chicken curry, rice and naan knocked at my door and we had a grand ol’ time.

Thankfully there was a repeat show of the World Cup opening concert, because it was hard to keep my eyes open after the rain shower.

The room sits on 700 sq. ft. and it costs just as many dollars to spend a night there. It’s worth your troubles…

NB: Tribe offers a complimentary mini-bar and free high-speed wireless internet with all rooms.


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