For shame!


Today’s post is dedicated to a group of people that I think need a serious sit-down.

June 23, 2010 – So yesterday I was hanging out with some pals and we got to talking about break-ups. Actually this came about when he confessed to us that he was still in love with his first love and six years later, he was messing up potential relationships as a result of these feelings that he had not dealt with (remember Unrequited love and moving on?)*

Anyway, as we listened to how he missed her and wished things would be different, my friend Ally asked him what happened to lead to the break-up. He explained that their relationship was somewhat not conventional; if he was upset with her he would write her a long email and she would respond in kind. And that there is how they would iron out issues in their relationship.

dumped_2_992100053.jpgNo problem there, for me. I mean, to each his own. My problem came up when he told us that he sent her an SMS telling her it was over. An SMS! What?!?! She replied and said, “OK.” This upset him so much. I was like, “Hold up, let’s back up a minute here. You are upset that she said one word! What did you just do? You broke up with her via TEXT!” The story goes on and on and I am so angry at the fact that he would break up with her in such an impersonal manner after a relationship of two years. Ally, definitely in Corner CM, said that that was a coward’s way out (she later informed us that her ex had sent pizza to her with a note attached to it explaining that their relationship was over, and how it was him and not her… you know the usual babble).

Ladies and gentlemen, a break-up that is not face-to-face is cowardly, shameful and despicable. You owe it to this person that you once professed love to to sit down and explain why the relationship is over and even maybe discuss if there is any hope. You take this opportunity, if possible, to end things amicably. Maybe then, we’d have more friendships sustained over time.

What do you think, good people? What creative, yet inappropriate, methods has someone undertaken in dumping you? Or how have you broken off with someone? Do share!

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  1. dnyabero January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    Hey its kinda funny what some people would do. I dated this chic who was in the habit of dumping me over the mail( she actually dumped my arse twic through email)
    I was in a diffrent country while was in kenya the 1st time round i took ran back home to try and patch up things. The second time round i jus clicked reply and typed OK she was devasted and well. She asked me wether we could get back, we did but things were never the same i mean i there were other women who were interested but cos i loved her and respected what we had i never cheated on her. When we broke up i had so many chics who were interested i totally forgot bout her. If its safe to meet someone face to face do it and tell them how you feel i.e you be together


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