Seanice Kacungira: Life after CFM


June 21, 2010 – Seanice… I won’t say her second name because it’s too hard for most Kenyans to pronounce.
She will always be remembered for being on one of the best shows ever in Kenya, the Breakfast Show on 98.4 Capital FM. She was also integral in the show’s transformation into Capital in the Morning.
In her mid-20s now, Seanice is having the time of her life and thanks to Capital FM (as she says), she has managed to do what she loves.
“Capital (FM) taught me resilience. I also learned to trust my instincts and to make and stand by my decisions – all essential in business.”

Apart from being on Capital in the Morning one year ago, Seanice was also the Programmes Director at Capital FM. Her business now, is being busy.
“I am the Programmmes Director at 88.2 Sanyu FM and I also do the breakfast show. I also own 2 companies – one is a high end hair and beauty studio/salon called SUQA that I co-own with my sister Nancy: and the other is a digital agency called Blu Flamingo that does work for MTN,Pepsi, Mirinda, and Stanbic among other clients. I am also into agriculture in maize and trees, and handle some real estate in Entebbe,” she tells Capital Lifestyle.
Why did you leave Capital, I asked her.
“I left Capital because it was time for me to pursue my business interests – It was time for me to take the reigns. I also left to marry my long term Fiance. I made good friends at Capital that I miss! Nana, Cassandra, Beato, Vivienne…!!

“I am not getting married any more,” she adds however. “There was no drama. We called off the wedding. It was a mutual decision and we are still very good friends…” she says closing the chapter.

“My long term plans are to make a difference in my country, fulfill my destiny, grow my companies, enjoy my family and all the amazing friends I have reconnected with…”

Seanice had a huge array of the most intricate weaves and so I asked her what her real hair looks like because I don’t remember it very well.
“My real hair? That’s a funny question.. umm its long dark and quite kinky? I have pretty hard hair!
Seanice is happy to be in the entertainment market in Uganda which she says is extremely vibrant.

“It’s a lot more vibrant (than Kenya). There is an event every weekend and blu flamingo that deals in specialised events/PR can get pretty busy…”
So there you have it!

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  1. njoki waweru January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    i really admire the way you work and would feel honored to work with you. am a student at multimedia university


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