EABL steps up responsible drinking campaign


June 21, 2010 – East African Breweries Limited  (EABL), is taking its Responsible Drinking Campaign to new heights under the Space-it-out activation where consumers will be given water as spacers.

EABL-commissioned scouts will storm selected pubs and randomly hand out water – a vital spacer. They will also be giving Responsible Drinking (RD) tips and providing taxi vouchers to take patrons home.

Most consumers have a positive responsible attitude to alcohol but EABL acknowledges that a few do not and as part of being a good corporate citizen, this activation is tailored to educate consumers to be aware of their tolerance levels and ensure they act responsibly when under the influence of alcohol.eabl_ad_120651078.jpg

Space-it-out will be spearheaded by RD Ambassador, Nameless, and it starts in Nairobi and Mombasa before rolling-out to other towns across the country.

“The RD campaign has had a successful run and it is time to take it to the next level by vocalising the importance of spacing ones drinks with water and actually provide the spacers to consumers inside the outlets,” says Ken Kariuki, EABL Corporate Affairs Director.

Kariuki adds, “We believe that consumption of alcohol can be part of a balanced lifestyle. It simply means taking responsibility for your health, your actions and your part in society. Treated responsibly, alcohol is associated with enjoyment and celebration, but it is common knowledge that excessive or inappropriate consumption can cause health and social problems for individuals and society.”

The RD Ambassador says, “Spacing your drinks out with water is responsible drinking. Stay hydrated. Space-it-out.”

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