3D TV Experience comes to Kenya


June 16, 2010 – Folks from my community, including me, are a funny lot. Every deal is thoroughly evaluated. We don’t just throw in cash without a proper value proposition. We call it taking calculated risks. But my friends think we are “Mkono gamu” (stingy) and I agree to some extent.

That is why I was not surprised when this childhood friend came to ask for my opinion before investing in a piece of the newly launched 3D TV sets. “So, what is the difference between 3 Dimension TV and ‘normal’ dimension TV in terms of experience?” he asks revealing a rather obvious ignorance of the current crop of TVs that use the 2D technology.

To be honest, there is no straight answer to that. Watching a 3D production is like ‘eating chocolate’ or ‘making love’ – no one can adequately describe the true feeling unless you experience it yourself.

Luckily, Samsung has launched a 3D TV set for Kenyan audiences. And you can have a taste of the feel at some selected Samsung outlets before making a buying decision.

To set you off, 3D technology brings a change to viewing experience. As opposed to 2D technology, 3D presents real-life images of the cast with a good dose of souped up clarity. I am looking for words to describe the experience….Ok, I give up; you will just have to check it out.Samsung_3d_HD_tv_778732349.jpg

Besides that, the Samsung UN46C8000 is a true dimepiece. The 46-inch TV has an attractive appeal and comes in several colours, though black is the most popular. The front panel consists of a series of touch-sensitive buttons for power, menu and volume along the bottom edge. And don’t get it twisted; these are just add-ons to its remote control capability.

The Samsung logo in the middle lights with an ambience blue light. This is likely to give your room a touch of calmness that whispers ‘ready for romance’. You can turn off the feature from the menu if it becomes a nuisance.

If you thought plasma LCD TV is the slimmest ever, think again.  Samsung UN46C8000 tops this department at 0.9 inches thick. That is equivalent to the thickness of three DVD cases held together, Wow!

Because of its size, it does not have ports or buttons on the sides like your traditional television set.

All ports are located at the back panel, which is as flat as flat can be. You will never see those ugly protrusions at the back. Perhaps this is the reason why folks at Samsung decided to arrange the ports in an L-shape. And cables connect at an angle parallel to panel. Sounds technical? Make sure they show you this feature, which I’m sure you will like because it eases cable connection and leaves a neat finish.

Someone told me not to place everything high up on a pedestal. But Samsung just did. They have ditched the traditional rectangle of black plastic and embraced a space-aged, four-legged stand. Its strong pedestal-like base is made of plastic. I am not sure whether this will augur well with you. You can leave your comments after viewing. 

The buzzword within the salespersons is that the Samsung UN46C8000’s remote is as cool as the TV. It has no buttons. Instead, it’s a made of a faceplate with ridges that divide the touch-sensitive “buttons” into little groups; numeric keys, menu controls, etc.

Samsung here wins my ‘Thumbs Up’ awards. Reason being, I’ve not found another competitor trading in 3D TVs in Kenya. If there are some you know, please tell us so that we can compare. For now, grab a seat and enjoy the 3D experience. I am told that about four of the 64 World Cup matches will be aired in 3D format. Don’t miss out.


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