Pink Laptop Cases for Her


June 15, 2010 – Is it me or the pink culture is slowly taking over. Some studies on the pink colour suggest that male weightlifters seem to lose strength in pink rooms, while women weightlifters tend to become stronger around the same rooms. 

With the battle of sexes steaming up, pink then seems like a double-edged sword for the fair sex. Why? Because it helps them kill two birds with one stone. That is, it empowers them while weakening men at the same time. That is an ultimate win-win situation. 

Our women seem to know this all too well. It’s the reason they love all sorts of pink items; pink bras, pink mascara, pink Vitz etc. They also get obsessed with kittens with pink noses (how do you even notice that?). “Details, details and details,” they say. 

As such, a tinge of pink in their daily ware is becoming a ‘must-have’ rather than ‘nice-to-have’. Matching pink with other non-pink attires calls for an intricate hue-balancing act. Throw in a laptop that should be ferried in a dull black bag and you got yourself an almost certain recipe for fashion disaster.

pink_laptop_case_2_699119525.jpgGood news, an IT multinational firm will soon introduce pink laptop cases for ladies and those brave men who don’t mind carrying the ‘gay title’. I got a chance to inspect what is in the pipeline and I really liked what I saw. For some reasons.

Trust me, these are laptop cases. Apart from good looking, they all carry the aspects of a good laptop bag. This offers a good blend of function with style.

For doubters, their inside is padded and divided into compartments. The padding helps protect your laptop or notebook while inside the case. The compartments help store the laptop accessories like power cords, USB drives or internet modems.

They also come with extra pockets on which to keep personal effects. I know at this point ladies are thinking mmmh…make-ups, mirrors and a copy of ‘True Love’ magazine. However, someone from the firm tells me they are careful to limit the number of pockets. This is because numerous pockets are a temptation for ladies to carry more unnecessary stuff, which will make the bags heavy.

Talking of heaviness, the cases are made of light materials and with laptop alone, they weigh far much less than the ordinary handbags women carry around town. Some come with shoulder straps that are double adjustable and padded to reduce strain on your shoulders.

Perceived security is the hallmark of these bags. Unlike the conventional black bags, these pink cases don’t shout ‘laptop inside’. This might come in hand when walking along streets inundated with phone grabbing kids and other muggers. Be careful though, since they might get interested in the bag.


Other laptop cases will score great points and earn you bragging rights in a business board meeting. Consider this one made of light aluminum light casing. It keeps all your laptop and accessories safely locked inside with a three digit central combination lock.

All these features seem to prove that there is a thin line between technology and art or fashion as it were.

I confess to geek-ness more than journalism. And being the geek I am, I have a problem connecting with the fair sex. All geeks do. But my lawyer brother David, who has no problem nabbing the ‘chips fungas’, advises me to try sending a pink gift for her birthday. I am thinking, why not a pink laptop case accompanied by some pink Lillies? Ladies, please advice.

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