The wedding industry is booming: Eve's bridal expo

June 14, 2010 – The wedding industry is seriously booming and last week confirmed this as the Eve’s bridal expo took place at the Westgsate shopping mall. The expo went down from Thursday the 10th to Sunday the 13th at the second floor roof top. It was a show case of the best in Kenya’s wedding industry.

The theme of this Eve’s Bridal Expo was ‘til death do us part’ and apart from providing all the information one needs to organize a successful wedding, the Expo had counsellors to advise couples on marriage issues, talk sessions laden with relationship advice, family planning specialists and so much more. 


The bridal expo that promises to be an annual event featured wedding gowns and bridal party attire, décor and flowers, wedding and reception venues, honey moon destinations, wedding consultants to mention but a few.

“The wedding industry is growing very large, very fast and Eve’s Bridal Expo is an ideal source of wedding information,” said Ms. Mercy Wambui, Marketing Assistant – Westgate Shopping Mall.

Careful planning and adequate preparation is key to making a wedding day successful.  Some factors to consider when planning a wedding include, an accessible and spacious location, a relaxing ambience, an inviting décor, scrumptious food and of course beautiful attire. 

“We aim to bring a better understanding to the vow ‘til death do us part’.  Many people are getting married but at the same time many people are getting divorced.  Hopefully, everyone coming to Eve’s Bridal Expo will learn something not just about weddings, but about relationships and marriage as well,” explained Ms. Wambui.


Events that took place during the Expo, included fashion shows based on a bridal concept.  Held daily at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the mall’s food court area. They showcased the latest trends for men, women and children.  In addition to the fashion shows, were live performances and talk sessions.

Westgate Shopping Mall was an excellent venue as it is in a central location that is not far from the city. 

“With thousands of shoppers coming to Westgate on a daily basis, the roof top parking is the best location because it is spacious and secure,” concluded Ms. Wambui.


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