How’s your World Cup going?


June 14 – Happy World Cup ladies and gents, and welcome to Capital Lifestyle’s in brief this week with regards to what’s happening in the country.

Here goes: We heard and saw that if you walk into the Hotel Intercontinental here in Nairobi its like being in Polokwane or something.

They can effortlessly boast to have one of the biggest screens for anyone’s World Cup viewing pleasure in the whole of East Africa.

They unveiled the screen last month during the UEFA Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich and have kept it going by the poolside bar for the thousands of football fans in Nairobi.


We hear that every Sunday, about 990,000 Kenyans converge in various churches for Sunday service, so it might be assumed that there is a very large number that converges in various places across Kenya to watch the World Cup games.

In the Lake Nakuru National Park, Sarova hotels has set aside an area where fans and nature lovers can plant trees for their favourite teams before watching the game at the Sarova Lion Hill lodge later. Flat screen hoiye!

As for K1 Klubhouse in Parklands; they have put up three major screens in what was formerly the Pitcher and Butch parking lot, where they have managed to create a stadium like feel.

Kudos to Sammy (the owner) by the way, who cut the last tree that was blocking the view while his crew was setting up the stadium ‘arcadium’! He was hoisted on the trunk while slashing the offending branch with a panga – quite a refreshing sight.

Are you ready for the World Cup and have you been enjoying the games. Let us know what interesting things you have been doing to celebrate your favourite team! For instance, getting to know your neighbour or even a sworn enemy.

Make sure you tell us either by sending an email to or by posting your comment below.

And again we say: Happy World Cup!

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