Play a little dress up


June 11, 2010 – I love dresses, all kinds of dresses. I love sun dresses, suit dresses, evening gowns, wrap dresses, plain and simple dresses…name it!

I love them so much that sometimes I buy dresses for my friends just because I know the dress would look perfect on them and not me. That’s just how much I love them.

The thing is I know what a dress can do for your appearance. It can do wonders for your whole outlook if not more. It’s all about embracing your feminine curves while you still can.

Dresses have many advantages besides making you look so put together. There are those dresses that will give you that trimmer much sexier look, those that let you show off a bit of leg, those that give you that elegant look, those that make you look all girly and a couple of years younger than you actually are…I can go on forever.

The dress making industry is currently booming with top designers like Vera Wang, Versace, Valentino, Gucci (the list is endless) trying to outdo each other at those big glamorous events. Their aim being that they want their names to be on everyone’s lips.

Celebrities also try to outdo each other on the red carpet and you will always find tabloids trying to decide whose dress was glam and whose was… not! That aside though…

This article is for appreciating the “dress” and the wonders it can do for you.

There are dresses to suit all body types. Whether you are petite, skinny, curvy, long and lanky, top-heavy a.k.a Johnny Bravo or bottom-heavy…you will always find a dress to suit your shape.

Of course there’s the timeless black dress that I believe should feature in every woman’s wardrobe and has been talked about time and again, but for today, let’s go beyond that.

Here are four dresses I absolutely love.

The sexy, short dress


For one to pull this off you have to have a whole bunch of guts going on. This is because you will be turning heads left, right and centre. You need to feel and love every inch of your body in such a hot number and you need to be ready to have some real fun knowing all eyes will probably be on you and for all the right reasons. That said, you can never go wrong with the short and sexy dress.

Dare to show some leg, fabulous skin and some curves.

The flirty dress


Confidence is the key word here. With a flirty dress, you have to be ready to show quite a bit of skin- shoulders, arms and legs. They bring out the friendliness and your easy going nature.

Bra straps are a no-no so you have to put your chin up and show off your beautiful collar bones and well moisturized skin.

The long and elegant dress


Key word here is attitude. With an elegant number you have to look and act the part. They make you look long, graceful and even trimmer. They are easy to wear as people won’t really concentrate on your shoes and skin but on the dress which is an attention grabber. The right attitude will earn you those few extra points.

The suit dress


Work clothes can sometimes get a bit boring but the suit dress lets you ooze class and smartness at another level.

It shows that you went that extra mile to do something different from everyone else at the office. Suit dresses make you stand out and at the same time giving you that sharp look. Dressed in one you get the combination of professional meets hot. Who would mind such a combination?

Some can be quite plain but they still show off your beautiful curves and your well lined waist.

With the right accessories and shoes, you can never go wrong with a dress. Dresses are amazing!! Come on, get your girly side on… 🙂 but remember, not everyone is built alike. The dress you choose to wear should complement your figure.


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