Omo set to launch television game show


June 7, 2010 – OMO, popular for its 1990’s game Show, OMO Pick A Box, is set to revive its game show concept this month.

Unlike the classic 1990s show, the stakes will be much higher and lucky winners can look forward to walking away with cash and other prizes including 10 cars up for grabs. The cars to be won in the show are Three Nissan X-Trail, Four Toyota NZE, and Three Toyota Ist.

Ms. Christine Mwaura, Unilever Category Manager, Fabric Cleaning, East and Southern Africa, says the show will offer the excitement that made OMO pick a box a popular choice for audiences.

“Although it has been a couple of years since we last aired the OMO Ng’arisha Maisha game show, we feel the new and updated game show will bring excitement and change Game Shows in Kenya; this will differentiate OMO in the market place,” said Ms. Mwaura.

OMO Pick a box was the longest running TV series in Kenya and had the whole nation anticipating what the contestants would choose between the money or the box.

Ms Mwaura said the firm will be announcing the game show host early next week.  She said the show is scheduled not to clash with the upcoming World Cup tournament.

“We have timed the show in a way that ensures that our viewers do not have to pick between the World cup or the OMO Ng’arisha Maisha game show,” said Ms Mwaura.

The game show is part of the OMO Ngarisha Maisha campaign launched recently. So will there be the option of picking the money or the box? “You have to wait for the show to start to find out,” said Ms Mwaura.

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  1. stephen mashedi January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    the omo ng'arisha maisha programme is wonderful.


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