Sex and the city 2 premiere

May 28, 2010 – All roads led to the Junction Siverbird theatres yesterday evening where there was one big happy Sex and the city family.


Sexy was brought and all over the place, everywhere you turned there were plenty of sexy heels, some seriously sexy outfits and even some sexy looking men to be seen.

Everyone who knows what Sex and the City is all about was present and eager to catch the premiere.

Right from the entrance everything was set. All were dressed for the occasion and drinks and bitings flowed.

At a certain corner, some pampering took place as free hand massages were offered courtesy of Palmers.

After all that, the only thing left was to watch the movie and disappointing it was not.
It was all worth it. From the glamorous gay wedding to the trip the foursome take to the Middle East where a lot happens in the short time they are there. Catch it for some laughs.

While all this was happening, the Capital group added to the excitement as there was some great news shared. Capital mobile was launched! Yet another first from the Capital group.


As long as your phone is internet enabled then you can access the capital websites for any information you need. From the latest news, to sports, business, lifestyle and even jobs.

For this just go to  on your web browser, then bookmark the site for easy access later.

check out more photos from this event in our gallery

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