DSTV recognise Africa day


May 26, 2010 – An African colour (brown), African delicacies, African music and African attire were painted all over one room at the Hilton. It was Africa’s Day.

May 25 – a day many African countries celebrate the hard-fought achievements of their freedom from their European colonial powers.

Importantly also, each year, MultiChoice and DSTV ensures that it celebrates this very important day as best they can.

There was a near all African luncheon to mark the day with the main aim of:

-Highlighting  the African programming and channels that DStv has on offer and how DStv channels now also offer a wide range of programming that focuses on the African continent.

-Highlighting how the DStv HD PVR technology illustrates MultiChoice’s commitment to innovating technology in Africa and MultiChoice’s investment in African talent and education – highlighting the CNN MULTICHOICE AFRICA AWARDS and the CSI Schools Projects that MultiChoice invests in, the introduction of the OB vans in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia as well as local programming.
-Showcasing MultiChoice’s commitment to local investment throughout Africa in terms of programming, technology and CSI
Wangeci Murage, MNET’s Program Manager for East Africa and Zambia was excited about their fetes.

“DSTV has seen a tremendous growth in African content and programs and I am so happy about this. I wish we had a holiday like Zambia have to celebrate this important day,” laughed Wangeci.

Also in attendance was Patricia Amira of the Patricia Show, which airs on both MNET East and West, and which is a favourite for many across Africa.

For her, the whole month of May has been exciting because it has been Africa month on Dstv.

“I have been watching all the new and old African shows that have been running throughout the month all to appreciate the African continent, and its wonderful,” she told guests at the event.

There was little said and much expressed at the venue, including plenty of dancing to some great African tunes from here in Kenya, which is part of Africa.

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