Tips for hot lips


May 24, 2010 – I love looking at that perfectly done pair of lips, don’t you?  Because of this, I have done some research for us and listed a bunch of tips that make those lips look so perfect, regardless of age, shape, size or colour!  Here we go…

*If you have chapped lips, exfoliate them using an old toothbrush and a menthol-based lip balm by first applying the balm and then brushing.  You’ll see a difference in a matter of days!

*Sleep with a light layer of Vaseline on your lips every night – my personal tried and true favourite tip!

*If you have drooping lips, use a concealer at the corners of your mouth, and then use your lip liner to subtly extend your lip corners upwards.  Lastly, fill with colour.

*Make your lipstick last through the day by first covering lips with foundation and powder.  Outline (and slightly colour in) with your lip liner, followed by a second dusting of powder.  Apply your lipstick, the final dusting of powder, reapply lipstick again – you’ll find you won’t need to touch your lipstick up all day!

*Use lipstick to whiten your teeth!  How, you ask? The right shade can make a difference. If your teethLips_817817150.jpg have a grey hue, use warm shades like bronze or copper; if your teeth are more yellow, a cool shade with a blue undertone should counteract this.

*Don’t like that ‘lipstick-y’look?  Fill your entire lip with your favourite lip liner, followed by a clear gloss.

*For fuller, poutier lips, lip gloss spotlighted right at the centre of the mouth will create this effect.

*Lastly, if you have fine lines around your mouth, apply almond oil to keep your lips supple and soften the lines!

Hope these work for you!  Have a great week, from SuzieBeauty.

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