Most cell phone users ignore calls from family


May 21, 2010 – The next time you call your child, or parents, or your boyfriend/girlfriend, and it goes straight to their voicemail, why don’t you think about this…

According to a new study from the University of Salford in England, 90% of cell phone users say they screen their phone calls. And they’re more likely to ignore calls from family members than those from co-workers, or even strangers.

A woman named Dr. Ashley Weinberg co-led the study. She says the main reason people ignore calls from phone_435713592.jpgrelatives and close friends is because those conversations are usually longer, and involve more effort than calls from people they don’t know as well.

In general, the nine most common reasons people ignore phone calls are:

#1)  They didn’t hear it ring

#2)  They’re driving

#3)  They just can’t talk for one reason or another


#5)  They lost their phone

#6)  They’re in a meeting

#7)  They don’t recognize the number

#8)  They’re not in the mood to talk on the phone

#9)  They’re in a crowd, and they don’t want other people overhearing

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