How to create a beautiful smoky eye


May 12, 2010 – To create that beautiful smoky eye that we so admire on music video vixens, diva songstresses and supermodels, you must have the basic knowledge of requirements and application.

Smoky eyes can be created using many different colours in today’s modern world – greys and blacks, purples, blues, greens or browns!

Getting this glamorous look takes only a few items. You need two eye-shadow colours form the same family colour, eyeliner pencil, and black mascara.

You will also need at least two eye-shadow brushes, one to apply the eye-shadow, and the other to blend/ smudge with.

As with any other look, you can start the application with foundation or concealer underneath to keep the eye-shadows in place and make them last longer.

The first part of your application begins with placing the dark eye-shadow colour that you have selected. Pack this shadow on your eyelid, going towards your crease. Be sure to apply the eye-shadow very densely and not just lightly brush it on.beyonce_smoky_535280157.jpg

Once this is done, get a lighter eye-shadow colour to highlight your brow bone.

The biggest challenge of the look lies in the third step, which is blending the dark lid with the light brow bone. You must use a crease brush for this, which is best for blending two colours into each other so that there is no stark line between the colours, but instead, a continuous flow of colour shades.  This will give you a well blended smoky eye-shadow application.

You can add a liquid eyeliner on your top lid for more intensity, and a pencil eyeliner on the bottom. Follow with one or two coats of mascara, and there you have it! Your beautiful smoky eye is ready to hit the town!

You can add on a pale lip gloss to get a nude lip to go with your smoky eye. Such an intense eye look is served best with a more ‘quiet’ lip!

Have a great week, from SuzieBeauty!

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