Christina Aguilera Hungry to Help Feed the World



May 8,2010 – What this girl wants is to help out.

Christina Aguilera has been appointed a United Nations ambassador for the World Food Program, which combats hunger around the globe, the singer revealed Friday during her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

And it sounds like becoming a mom had a major impact on her decision to get involved.

“A child dies every six seconds of hunger, which was a huge statistic for me and one that, after having my own child, I was like, ‘I have to be a part of this, do my part in some way,'” she said.

Aguilera, who joins the ranks of fellow goodwill ambassadors Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bündchen, Orlando Bloom and others, recently returned from a trip to Guatemala, where her main focus was working with kids.

“We just helped deliver food,” she said. “I visit orphanages and the schools there and try to do my part to help.” Up next is a trip to Haiti.

She also did her part to make Oprah’s week in New York conclude with a flourish, sticking around to sing “Not Myself Tonight,” off of her upcoming new album, Bionic.

“As women, our bodies go through such amazing things and we are superhuman,” she told Winfrey. “We give life, we give birth, we are our child’s source of everything. Our bodies are not our own for a time period, and we givingly and willingly do so for our child. But then when we get them back, you feel that much stronger.

“I think it’s pretty superhuman, and that’s where the inspiration for Bionic came from.”


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    your articles are piece of crap 

  • James

    Spot on!! Who did ODM invite for the promulgation? PNU did not invite anyone, the Coalition government sent invitations to HOG of our neighbors. The AU which Kenya is a member has denounced the arrest warrant of Al Bashir

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