Chris Brown is finally legal.

May 6, 2010 – Not that being underage has stopped him from hitting clubs in Hollywood and Vegas before today’s 21st celebration.

On the day of his court sentencing for his felony assault against former girlfriend Rihanna, he infamously partied at Guys & Dolls in L.A.

But not every hot spot is willing to turn a blind eye for a celeb who’s not yet 21.

Just last weekend, he was denied entry to one Sin City establishment…

After singing the national anthem at the Mayweather vs. Mosley fight (oh, the irony), he tried to go to Eve nightclub but wasn’t allowed in:

“Chris Brown was denied access because he isn’t 21 yet,” a club rep tells E! News.

Of course, the next day, he was allowed into Rehab, the Hard Rock Hotel’s huge Sunday pool party, where he was photographed carrying around an icy beverage.

Either way, Chris can now drink legally at whatever venue he wants. Bottoms up!

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