Open Qorner for discussions at the Tribe


June 21, 2010 – The next ‘Open Qorner’ will be held on Wednesday June 23rd at The Tribe from 6.30 to 8pm.

The inter-active sessions opens the doors to questions that we do not often get the opportunity to discuss. Holding space for open dialogue on important and meaningful aspects of our daily lives is necessary and healthy although not always encouraged in our culture.

The topic discussed in May was:

‘If one believes in predestination, then will meeting a partner happen on its own or would one have to take an active part? If active, then does predestination really exist?’

A 50% discount is being offered on drinks and meals at the Tribe for the evening!

Please RSVP Anne at to reserve your spot as we have limited space. Please contact me if you have any questions.

offer several options for longer sessions through my varied workshops, private one-on-one; couple and family sessions; and customized programs to suit personal and group changes. What I share in uncommon, effective and creative adding to a better life quality.

Please mark your diaries as the ‘Open Qorner’s’ will take place every 3rd Wednesday of each month. 

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