Remembering Bantu Mwaura – one year later



May 3, 2010 – Members of the theatre and literature fraternity will be meeting at the Wasanii Restaurant (Kenya National Theatre) on Saturday 8th May to commemorate the first anniversary celebration for renowned thespian Bantu Mwaura Ndung’u.

Bantu was a respected stage director, poet, storyteller and lecturer. His poetry, in English, Kiswahili and Gikuyu has been published in several journals. He was also a human rights and political activist who used theatre and performance to highlight social issues.

The fierce writer, who was founding editor of Jahazi, an arts and culture journal, had a PhD in Performance Studies from the New York University and a Masters in Theatre Studies from Leeds University (UK).

Bantu died in 2009 in mysterious circumstances, leaving behind his wife Susan and two daughters. A few days to his death, the award winning artist had appeared in talk shows at KTN and Citizen TV, to contribute strongly on land and governance issues.

The memorial ceremony, to start at 2 pm, will also incorporate an exhibition of literary works. In attendance will be the who’s who in Kenyan literary and theatre circles. We also expect a host of performances from Bantu’s comrades who put up a strong show at a similar memorial at the Goethe Institut last year.


  • upuzi_tele

    Now that is what Kenyans want to hear. I can now rank you higher than Ruto and Mudavadi.

  • Wishing Miguna all the best. Looks like he knows what exactly ails Nairobi. With his energy, zeal and determination I strongly believe he can transform Nairobi.

  • Ngoma

    You have my vote Miguna!

  • singha1

    Everyone has the same plans for Nairobi. No one ever implements them,so I dont see how different any of the candidates will be

  • Miguma dont know what leadership easy is much easy to tell people what they want to hear but when elected you do what power will want you to do.

  • Ralph

    Just say, “i beleive” and you will surely get it.

  • Yes we could give you the opportunity but Miguna as your genuine friend permit me to tell you these:-
    a.) Doing things requires money and it is up to the owner of the money not the user of the money.
    b.) In Kenya to be voted in requires numbers. As a Kenya what i can tell you is your agenda doesn’t sell so easily. The voters in Nairobi are still so dumb even if we pretend that we are super informed we are no different from those in the most rural place in Kenya….We vote our own, we take money for votes and we don’t like paying tax but we ask the senior servants to pay.
    c.) So many of us still believe in Rhetoric.
    d.) As a public we don’t understand where we want to arrive and how to do so.

    I will advise you however to be strategic and try to stay in the light that you can get enough votes to be voted in then you can implement what is good for us Nairobians which also happens to be your dream… It takes strategy! It doesnt matter for someone who wants to help the helpless fools of Nairobi…even if you have to join ODM or PNU..this i will tell you if we met one on one its strategy! Get there then do the right otherwise you will never get there.
    We commonly forget that liberal societies like in Canada , it took them hundreds of years to develop the democracy and independence that we so eagerly yearn for.
    As fAfricans lets be patient and develop step by step…America is thousands of years while kenya is in its 40s-50s!

  • Anonymous

    migooner!u have lived in Canada all through!you dont know ma hustler na sufferer wa will you help a people your lifestyle and theirs aint same?you aint a leader!please look for other people to betray and trait!and peel more masks back!

  • shadrack njeru

    yap,you can make a good leader.we need people like you who can willingly and strongly condemn cases of corruption,selfishness and impunity which have demolished our nation.

  • POnyambu

    Ok, you seem to prove smart remembering the time of releasing your book ‘peeling back the mask’, and now the declaration that you will vie for Nairobi governorship. The promises you are presenting are not new to Nairobians, it would have been better if you could have mentioned what you did for them during your good times at the PM’s office. The construction of modern sewers and building of solid waste management plant are all super good projects aimed at conserving the nature and environment and also as a unseen diseases prevention measure but what did you do concerning the same then when you had the PM and the Nairobi Mayor at your disposal?
    The country is headed to the county governance, a slow start of decentralization of services meaning urbanization will also reduce with time, if more and modern housing is successful, what will you do to keep the investment viable and to maintain tenancy.
    Crime could be as a result of either underutilized minds, unemployment, or idleness, instead of involving the community in policing matters, what else can you do to leave the assignment to the police on payrolls and allow the public to do the errands peacefully, and guaranteed of security. This Community policing is the mother of Mungiki, Tarban, Kamjeshi, jeshi la mzee, youth for KANU ’92 and we all know the price we pay back to this gangs. Let the police work be left to the professionals not only in Nairobi but in the whole country.

    You have nothing to curb water shortages, power outages, means to promote businesses, intention to increasing factories, industries, and Go-downs, to include sports as a profitable career, ways to streamline public transport sector, formular to include the public in social and economic decision making process?

    Mr. governor YOU need to expound on the needs of the Nairobians to prove to them you understand their needs and wants and you are ready to progressively tackle them together

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