Daddy Owen, Kiriro shine at the Groove Awards

May 3,2010 – I made my way to the KICC on Labour Day to attend the annual Groove Awards for the first time ever.

I was not quite sure about the whole event and what to expect and the weather wasn’t making it any easier. It was raining on and off and I wondered how the ladies were going to pull off the formal wear for the event.

daddy_owen_groove_654935194.jpgAt the most, I had expected it to be like any other event; poorly attended (considering the weather and stuff) but boy was I proved wrong!
Right from the entrance, everything was quite well organised. With my gold card in hand, I smoothly walked into the hall. I did encounter a bit of difficulty in finding an empty seat but thankfully some bouncer sorted me out.

I spared a few minutes to look around and sample the fashion and mood and indeed people had really gone out of their way to dress the part.

Still Fazed, about the whole set up – did I mention everything was in check?… the lights, the cameras-I awaited the action.

The really grateful Daddy Owen and the song “Kiriro” bagged quite a number of awards which included:

Male artist of the year
Song of the yearKiriro
Album of the year – System ya Kapungala
Video of the yearKiriro
Central songKiriro
Collabo of the yearKiriro

Other winners of the day included:emmy_groove_725134941.jpg

Female artist – Emmy Kosgei
Group of the year – Wernono family
New artist of the year – Eko Dydda
Worship song – Wewe pekee – Alice Kamande
Hiphop song – Niko na Reason – Holy Dave and Eko Dydda
Song writer – Juilani
Worship team – Aflewo
DJ of the year – DJ Mo

Check out this link for the full list of winners and live videos of the event

The performances -started off by the lovely African Children’s choir who sing and dance like little angels- were quite electrifying and throughout the event people were dancing and singing along. It was being broadcast live as well.

Meanwhile, I can attest that the gospel music industry is really taking over the youth by storm but I couldn’t help but notice that it is quite male dominated.wernono_groove_606432294.jpg

It has been a while since I attended an event so well organized and I can’t wait for next year’s event which I’m sure will be bigger and better.

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  1. Jim-k January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    Allan Aaron featuring Daddy Owen !!!
    Mukorino got used here…or is it robbed ?


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