Kenyan writer shortlisted for 2010 Caine Prize


April 30, 2010 – Kenyan Lily Mabura has been shortlisted for the 2010 Caine Prize for African Writing.

She made it to the top five African Writer’s list alongside two writers from South Africa, and one each from Zambia and Sierra Leone.

If her book “How Shall We Kill the Bishop” is chosen as the ultimate winner she will be 10,000 Pounds richer by mid-July.

Lily Mabura, is unfortunately NOT my friend on Facebook, but according to her page she is based in Rochester, New York.

The Caine Prize is looked at as Africa’s leading literary award and this year’s contest started with 115 entries from 13 countries across the continent.

The award is in its 11th year. Last year’s winner was Nigeria’s EC Osundu for his short story ‘Waiting’.

This year’s shortlist is:

* Lily Mabura for “How Shall We Kill the Bishop” (Kenya; Wasafiri 2008)

* Ken Barris for “The Life of Worm” (South Africa; New Writing from Africa 2009)

* Namwali Serpell for “Muzungu” (Zambia; The Best American Short Stories 2009)

* Alex Smith for “Soulmates” (South Africa; New Writing from Africa 2009)

* Olufemi Terry for “Stickfighting Days” (Sierra Leone; Chimurenga)

The winner will take up a month’s residence at Georgetown University, Washington DC, as a ‘Caine Prize/Georgetown University Writer-in-Residence’.

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