Is that Jay Zed I see in Nairobi?


April 30, 2010 – Word has it that the richest rapper in the world Jay Z is in town.

Jay_Z_looking_fab_in_a_smart_scarf_556884710.jpgYes, Jay Z. We don’t know if it’s a charity mission or if he wants to adopt a lion, but we strongly suspect it’s the former.

Anyway, we hear he is here and staying at a swanky hotel in one of the leafy suburbs about 10 kilometres out of the city centre.

If he IS here and our sources swear he is, this will be his first time in the country.

About three years ago, Jay Z and his wife were in neighbouring Tanzania, in a performance that drove almost all of his Kenyan fans across the border.

The Hotel management has refused to confirm or deny the reports, so we’re trying to get a picture.

They however admit that there is no one by the name Jay Z or Shawn Carter booked at the hotel.

Shawn Carter is Jay Z’s real name.

He is reportedly here with his boo, Beyonce, and they are expected to head to Tanzania after spending a couple of days in the City in the Sun.


  • Bari Bonds

    are you guys for real? is HOVA in the country..

  • Anon

    Just heard Jay Z is at the Tribe Hotel and is attending a Tribe Sponsored charity gig called Touch the Sky at the mall rooftop on saturday night featuring SA female DJ Athea Sholtz…..

  • Charles Baker

    What!!! You guys better not be joking

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