Quincy Timberlake back in Nairobi court

April 29, 2010 – Timberlake Quincy Zuma, as he is known in court papers, was accused yesterday of knowingly possessing and using a forged South African passport.

The Chief Magistrate’s court heard that the accused committed the offence on March 10, 2008, at Nairobi’s Komarock estate.

It was also alleged that on April 16, 2006, at the Kisumu Immigration Office, Quince misled an immigration officer known as Mosuti Onsongo that he obtained a Kenyan passport without surrendering another one issued to him on January 30, that same year.

Quince denied the charges and asked to pay a cash bail of Sh50,000 to secure his freedom.

His case will be heard on June 18. Police are yet to establish his nationality.

Quince, Jazz maestro Joseph Hellon and his wife Wakikuyu are facing charges of being members of unlawful society known as Finger of God.


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