Online data storage is a safe bet

April 29, 2010 – You can now store data online and access it any time you need it; thanks to internet-hosted storage softwares that one can use without installing them in his/her computer.

This online software eliminates the need for hardware-based storage devices like flash disks. Hardware-based storage elements are often lost or stolen, and sometimes they can get a virus infection that corrupts stored data rendering it useless.


The application-based software is available at a click once you have an internet connection. A storage application like Nova Backup 10 Professional is available on search engines like Google. Nova Backup 10 Professional has a point-and-click interface that resembles that of Microsoft Windows application. This enables one to use the application without the help of an IT genius.

Some of these applications offer one year trial with 2GB of free storage space. This is the capacity of most laptops. One can upload all the computer data including music, emails (outlook), address books and files to this space. This compares with having a replica of your computer in the virtual space. This touch-of-class add-on helps you reconnect with your computer even when you are in a cyber café.

Other applications, like NTI Backup 5 Advanced, offers an option for creating a user-specific profile. This enables you to add a personal feel to the application. For example, you can incorporate your desktop settings and group data as you prefer, and in case you forget where you have stored a particular file, there is a search option that comes in handy.

Can you lose your data? Highly unlikely! Remember, user data is stored in internet available servers and these servers are constantly backed up. Alternatively, you can opt to use multiple online storage applications. This will ensure you have a fall-back plan once your main storage application crumbles.

ONLINE_STORAGE_1_402180517.jpgThe usual internet security caveat “Store Data Here at Your Own Risk” still applies.

However, some of these applications provide some cool security features. Much better than what physical drives offer. When storing data, they provide an option for obscuring your data using a private encryption key. An encryption key compares to a combination for a safe. One can only open the safe if he knows the combination.

Using this key, you can optionally share your data with people in your life. Actually, you can have multiple keys to define which data can be viewed and by whom. Imagine you want to share a proposal with your boss but he stumbles to your x-files. Whoops!

Other applications like EMC Retrospect 7.6 Professional have taken security a notch higher by introducing Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology. CDP constantly reviews and updates your encryption key. This fends off those persistent hackers who break keys after utilising “key-guessing” software over time.

If you keep misplacing your data storage devices at the hour of need, try some of these out-of-the-box applications. All you need is an internet connection. You can also access some of these applications from a smart phone.                           

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