Kanjii encourages you to Dream Again

April 28, 2010 – “I can be strong, for the child who had to grow without a father. I can be rain, wash your memories, heal your broken heart. I can move on, break the barriers and see my destiny.I can, you can…We can dream again…”

These words are the refrain of a song. Kanjii Mbugua’s song “Dream Again” to be precise.

An inspiring track he did to remind all those who have forgotten about the opportunities they have in life; all those who have forgotten their dreams… to dream again.

“This is more than a song to me. It is more like a message that I know is needed by many people. We get caught up in the rat race, called living life, working 9 to 5… forgetting that there’s an opportunity to go into our dreams…an opportunity to dream again,” he told Capital Lifestyle.

He thought to himself one day that he had to pass this message on to those who constantly forget that they have so much to offer this world.

Music to Kanjii is a means to an end and it is through this tool that he inspires people. He figured that is how his message would be passed on loud and clear.

He had thought about this message – more so because it revolves around the story of his pal Doris Mayoli. He describes her as ‘a very strong woman’ who was diagnosed with cancer slightly over four years ago. She went through the grueling process of chemo treatment and as she was fighting for her life her husband walked out on her leaving her with their two children… It was the worst of times, but Doris won the battle.

She beat the cancer and started anew. Now she runs a trust fund that she uses to look out for cancer patients.

“She also manages a 100 member choir who travel around singing and encouraging people. She rose above the cancer and is dreaming again…” Kanjii intimates.


She does understand that she has a second chance in life and through this she will live to see her two sons grow into men.

She lives by the quote “God never wastes pain. Use the experiences that you have gone through to dream again.”

Throughout the “Dream Again” video you see Doris’ actual photos as she went through the whole process of losing her hair until now, when she has emerged on top of the cancer.

How to get the song? At pewahewa.com you can purchase the song for only Sh30.

Meanwhile, Kanjii will be releasing singles as his new strategy to sell his music. He is letting his fans make their choice when it comes to the tracks they want to buy and reckons that with the availability of digital technology, the song will be readily available to several billion people.

“Single sales have gone up. In this way, you give people songs that they like. With an album you are stuck with ten other songs that you weren’t really interested in.” Kanjii says.

Hold on to your dream, don’t give up. You can do it, go on, dream again… That’s his message and mine at this point! The End.

Click on the link below to watch the video

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