The Revolution at Capital FM

April 27, 2010 – If you haven’t heard about it yet, you need to get with the times! Capital FM is all set to bring you an entertainment revolution on the breakfast show, Capital in the Morning.

Eve D’Souza and Gaetano Kagwa, formerly the kidnapees, will be on the show with their rescuer; none other than – Makmende.


The man who doesn’t talk much will be a component part of the show and the only thing you will get out of it as a faithful Capital FM listener – is pure entertainment.

Eve, who was tight-lipped about the fresh features of the up and coming show that lands on your radios on May 3, will be replaced on Hits Not Homework by the multi-faceted Joey Muthengi.

Eve on the other hand replaces Rae, who has gotten a scholarship to do her Masters in Communication and makes her exit on May 1.

Says Somoina Kimojino, the Programmes Controller: “It was time to do something fresh and it will take everyone by surprise! Eve has been on Hits not Homework for ten years now and she needed to grow. What other perfect way to mature her than to put her on the morning show?!”

Somoina adds that the switch is also meant to cater for complaints that the show is not Kenyan enough.

“A lot of people said the show does not speak to them. This, we have now sorted out.”


Eve’s former show-mate Soulo will stay on with Joey, and has confessed he already misses his co-host.

“We will miss her. We have grown to be quite close, best friends even, but the time has come for change.” Adding a personal message, he stated: “Eve, if it doesn’t work you can always come back! (smiling) You know Hits not Homework is your home…”

Meanwhile, Grace Msalame is the newest voice on Capital Newsbeat.

Most of you must have already seen her on TV but she’s now using her talent and skills as part of the award-winning Capital FM news team, which has cut a niche as providing breaking news on the Kenyan radio and online market. 

Capital FM’s Editorial Director Michael Mumo says; “We are known for nurturing talent and Grace is the latest addition to the country’s top radio and online news station.”

Keep it locked!