Rimbui accosted by Placenta Party ‘representatives’

April 21, 2010 – A Mister Timothy Rimbui went to record a statement with police yesterday after allegedly being ‘accosted’ by ‘representatives of the Placenta Party’.

Music producer Rimbui, whose brother Aaron was once rumoured to be a member of the Finger of God church, said on his Facebook and Twitter that he was threatened with the words “we are watching you”.

He blames the ‘attack’ on a conversation he had the day before, where he ridiculed the party on his facebook page, with comments such as:

“Yes our future president is wearing freaky cowboy boots. They are for running for president! Lol”

“Did Quincy just Use the word Placenticity? And “Subjects”-(citizens)”.TIM_RIMBUI_FACEBOOK_254950337.jpg

He was making reference to an interview that the party had on NTV…

The Placenta Party was launched last week to back saxophonist Joseph Hellon’s bid to vie for the presidency in 2012, with Esther Timberlake as his running mate and Quincy Timberlake for Prime Minister.


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  1. Avatar nathan Ngugi. January 1st, 1970 at 12:00 am

    this party is made of a bunch of reality freaks and people who are craving for attention. They should however know that there are rights in this country and they shall not gain a thing from empty threats.


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