"Dhahabu" album launch


April 21, 2010 – On Friday the 30th, Nina Ogot will launch her new album “Dhahabu” (which is a mixed media production) at an audio-visual live concert.

The album tells the story of you, me and the mirror and will take place at the Nairobi National Museum –Louis Leakey Auditorium.

Expect a soulful musical and poetic journey into an audio-visual world.

It will be a magical fusion of both presence and absence.

Be sure you will engage your eyes, ears and your heart.

You can wear absolutely anything you feel wonderful in but remember to have something golden (dhahabu) on you.

Doors open from 7.30 pm, come ready to engage your eyes, ears and heart. Entrance is at KSH 500.

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