My Samsung B3410 CHAT

April 21, 2010 – “Touch meets messaging.” That is the phrase that drew the Samsung B3410 CHAT to me, or isSAMSUNG_B3410_1_754240794.jpg it vice versa?

I love phones, therefore I always go through a rigorous process of looking at the new and unique features a phone has to offer before I make my purchase.

I had had my previous phone for the longest time, (I’m talking 4+ years) therefore a change was in order. The interesting bit is that this time round I didn’t have to browse so much for one…

For a long time, I hadn’t been sure about which phone I wanted – this was before seeing the phrase. All I knew was that it had to be slick and have a full touch screen (I had to get with the times already).

The Samsung Chat is a girlie phone (this you can tell from its shape, size, some colours it comes in and some of its features.) And I, being your average girlie girl, found this phone perfect for me in so many ways… there was an instant connection between the two of us.

I am a self proclaimed “textaholic” so the QWERTY keyboard (which is easier to use) was a plus.

For my love of music and photos I had to top up my in-built memory of 30MB to just 2GB (which will do for now), but at least I can add a card memory of up to 8GB which is a lot!

The Google default features (Google search and gmail) makes it all the more interesting. It is easy and convenient to check mail, which I can send and receive anytime, anywhere. Fully packed with EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution), browsing the internet from my phone is quite fast too.
The radio and MP3 come in handy when I’m taking my daily walk. When doing my chores I can listen to my favourite jams. I can also record songs directly from the radio. How cool is that?

I can stimulate a phone call and get fake calls. This is for when I need to get out of a meeting or when I need to excuse myself from a seriously boring conversation. This particular feature makes it appear like you have just received a real phone call.

The Palringo feature makes it possible to keep track of your chats with friends and family. It is a cool messenger for “textaholics” like me. I can view my texts and messages in a thread hence making it easy for me to keep track of all my text conversations. And to keep evidence in case someone lies about the content of my text.

EMS also allows me to pass my messages across effectively for I can always get alerts when any of my contacts is online and ready to chat.

Well, apart from dialling numbers by itself (which happened a lot before I got the hang of locking the touch screen) and the phone sorta hanging when I try to store a new application, I am more than happy with my purchase.

It took me a whole week to figure out how to use it but we have had a pretty good relationship so far. Its price is quite pocket friendly hence you get value for your money.

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