And the CHAT Awards 2010 winners were…

avril_kenya_482639221.jpgApril 20, 2010 – Saturday the 17th was a different Sato altogether.  It saw me spend my afternoon at the Bomas of Kenya attending the 8th Chaguo la Teeniez Awards. Quite an experience… I was reminded just how old I’ve become seeing teeniez work up a sweat as they danced their lives away. I have not seen that much energy in a long time.

Anyway, moving on swiftly, I got to the Bomas of Kenya a bit after midday thinking I was late since the event was to begin at 10am. Glad I was to find teens still streaming in which meant that I was not late at all.

Sure as hell, there was a red carpet but no one pulled the chopper stunt this time round. Quite disappointing seeing as I was armed with my camera ready to click one shot after the other. There were a few Hummers, Sports cars, cool bikes…but no chopper 🙁

I also thought this year’s event had promised to Bling it? There wasn’t that much bling…but maybe because the weather was a bit fickle. There were a couple of cute outfits though.

The drill was: celeb arrives, walks down the red carpet, gets a warm welcoming smile from one Sarah Hussein, walks on to give a brief interview, greets mafans, gets their photo taken then march on inside the hall.

So celebs walked the length of the red carpet as very ecstatic teens cheered them on. I was sure I would have trouble with my hearing later. Juliani, Mustafa, Nameless and Wahu, Avril and Marya particularly had a lions share in the scream-o-metre.

And then the rain came down in torrents, ruining the red carpet show, and everyone had to scamper inside the hall for shelter.

Redsan anredsan_657780103.jpgd his entourage checked in quite late (from another event I guessed.)

Present at the event also was one government spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua who even danced! (with some motivation from Sarah Hussein) to some ragga tune and I remember getting rather confused…I’m still trying to find the words to describe that scene. I do know though, that I never want to see anything like that again…

Juliani is quite the performer. He gave quite an electrifying show and I realized it’s been a while since I saw such energy on stage. He really got the teens dancing.

The size 8 singer Linet can also do some shaking despite her petite frame.

Well, on to what took me all the way to Bomas …the winners of the CHAT awards!

Teeniez best Male artist award went to Redsan

Teeniez Best Female artist award – STL

Teeniez Brand New Arttist – Eko Dydda

Teeniez Role Model – Daniel Ndambuki

Teeniez Comedy/ Reality show – Churchill Livestellamwangi4_153409044.jpg

Teeniez East African Act – AY (TZ)

Teeniez Sizzlin’ music Video – Sunshine by Nameless and Habida

Teeniez Buzzin’ Ringtone – Niko Poa by Mejja

Teeniez Group or Collabo – Sauti Sol

Teeniez Gospel Artist – Juliani

Teeniez Dance/ Dance Group – Al Shabaab from Parklands High School

…among other winners…

Well, I guess the teeniez made their choice…

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